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The OxGord Metal Pet Crates are an ideal choice to kennel and train the new furry addition to your family. Our pet crates come with our 100% quality guarantee. We build all our dog crates using premium materials to provide premium care from puppy to adult. We use commercial-grade steel and high tensile-strength wire to

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The OxGord Metal Pet Crates are an ideal choice to kennel and train the new furry addition to your family. Our pet crates come with our 100% quality guarantee. We build all our dog crates using premium materials to provide premium care from puppy to adult. We use commercial-grade steel and high tensile-strength wire to ensure that each crate is durable and will be as long-lasting as your love for your dog. The cage is finished with a heavy-duty black Electro-coating making it rust, corrosion and weather proof. The crates offer easy access with dual openings on each end of the cage and are secured by non-resistant, slide bolt latches. It has maximum ventilation to prevent lingering puppy or senior dog odors. The crate floor is a lightweight, rugged ABS plastic bed tray that is easy to clean and sanitize. The crate should be 4 to 6 inches longer than your pet’s body length and 4 to 6 inches taller than its shoulder height to allow for movement and coziness. Our dog crates setup with no tools required, and they fold easier than a bad poker player. When not in use the dog crate unfolds down to a few inches thick and is storable under a bed, in a closet in the garage propped up against a tool chest. Your pet’s safety is paramount to us. All the metal edges are rounded to prevent scratch or injury. It also includes an adjustable divider panel so the kennel can grow as your dog does. These crates are intended for the comfort, the convenience and the containment of your dog; but not to be used for your preschool-aged child at naptime, nor is it for your friend’s bratty kid that you inexplicably agreed to babysit for the night. Neither is it intended for ugly blind dates. Indeed, the type of dog this is intended for is the loyal, furry, four-legged kind of dog that licks your face when you come home. If this description somehow also applies to your blind date, immediately change your cell phone number and find new friends. Order your today!

Product Features

  • Built for safety and durability, OxGord Dog Crates will provide your furry family member with ASPCA approved comfort and security-100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. OxGord is #1 Rated by Consumers when it comes to pet accessories for good reason. All the OxGord dog crates and kennels are built adhering to the recommendations set by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the premiere organization for pet safety, health and well-being. The OxGord dog crate has a stain resistant steel cage that allows for maximum airflow through which reduces the buildup of unseemly pet odors that occur with other bulky, multi-piece, plastic kennels that only have air-holes for ventilation. The other troublesome issue dog owners have with those bulky, plastic kennels is keeping them clean. Plastic two-piece kennels requires some disassembly and heavy scrubbing of all components. The OxGord stainless steel dog crates are far simpler to clean and maintain. Our dog crate features a removable plastic bed tray that makes it easy to dispose of loose dog hair or eliminations and to clean and sanitize. The cage is built with black Electro-coat finish that keeps your dog safe by preventing hazardous rust or corrosion build up on the cage. By using commercial grade materials our dog crates are made to be compatible for use in any environment, so whether you live in the topics or the tundra, our dog crates will give your canine maximum protection. The smooth finish and rounded corners will ensure that neither your dog nor you your arms will suffer any scratches or abrasions from our pet crates. The adjustable divider will allow the cage to grow with your puppy as it grows and matures. This attention to protecting the health and hygiene of your canine makes the OxGord Dog Crate the best choice for crate training, obedience training or housebreaking your pooch. We back it up with our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Order your pet crate today!
  • Choose the Best Size of Dog Crate that Best Fits Your Dog. OxGord Dog Crates are available in six different sizes that range from Small for breeds such as Chihuahuas and Pugs, to Large for breeds such as Golden Retrievers and Pit Bulls, to XXXLarge for breeds such as Saint Bernards and English Mastiffs. Each kennel is designed with the comfort and safety of your pet in mind. There are a few considerations to keep in mind when selecting the right kenneling crate for your dog. The dog crate should have enough space and be long enough that your pawed pal can lie down comfortably on the plastic bed tray. The dog crate should be tall enough that he or she can stand without stooping or crouching. This must include when you purchase additional padding and bedding to line the kennel bed tray. And ideally the dog crate should be wide enough that your pet can easily turn around in a complete circle. Proper size is very important for several reasons. If the crate is too small, too confining and too uncomfortable then it can cause physical or psychological harm to your canine. Likewise if the dog crate is too large than this can cause some complications as well, particularly while training your new dog. Dogs do not like to eliminate in the same space where they sleep. Who can blame them? So when a crate is the right fit then your dog will refrain from going while it is inside its crate. However, if the crate is too large then your dog may learn that he or she can eliminate on one end of the plastic bed tray and then sleep on the opposite side that is dry and unsoiled. To prevent this unsanitary situation from occurring, OxGord dog crates are available with an adjustable divider on the inside so you can adapt the inside of the kennel to the size of your dog. So when you buy a Large-size dog crate for your large breed puppy you can simply adjust the divider as your puppy grows. This will maintain your dog’s comfort while maintaining your control over its housebreaking.
  • Provides quick and easy assembly, disassembly, portability and storage for at home or away from home. Thanks to the design of the one-piece, stainless-steel frame, the OxGord Dog Crate is as easy to setup and take down as it is to fold your favorite blanket. Each edge of the dog crate frame is bound together with a hinge, which enables you to unfold and set each side in place without difficulty. As you fold it back up for storage or travel the removable plastic bed tray tucks neatly inside the frame, making the whole unit is self-contained. When broken down, the dog crate is around 4 inches wide, not much wider than a briefcase and much thinner than a gym bag. In fact, the sturdy handle on top also makes it as easy to carry as a briefcase or gym bag. No tools are needed to setup or break down these quality kennels. So whether you’re having a party or just an intimate get together and you don’t want the dog crate out in the open you can collapse it almost effortlessly and store it in a closet shelf or under your bed until you’re ready to set it back up and use it again. The compactible function of the OxGord Dog Crate is ideal for dog owners on the go that need to leave their cuddly companion at the homes of friends, neighbors or relatives. Unlike large, bulky, two piece plastic kennels that take up a lot of trunk space, our dog crates will bit easily in the trunk next to your suit case as you drive your pet to his or her temporary home. Having the comfortable cage there will give your dog-sitters piece of mind knowing that your loveable stick chaser won’t be chewing on their shoes or their furniture while they’re not home. Several models include dual doors, one on each end. This adds to the ease of leading your dog in or out of the kennel for you or your dog-sitters.
  • Safe Choice for Taking Your Dog on Road Trips. If you and/or your family like to travel the open road to far off destinations, or you’re all going on a day trip to the lake, & your trip just isn’t complete without your dog riding along, then the OxGord dog crate is a must-have. Sometimes while driving people like to roll down the passenger window & let Rover poke his head out the window & let his tongue wag in the wind. Other times they need Scruffy to stay put instead of trying to crawl into their lap. During these times leashing the dog to the rear bumper & expecting him to keep up is inadvisable (& illegal) so kenneling your loveable lapdog in an OxGord dog crate is the best move. The open air cage design allows for maximum comfort & breathability, & the proper kennel size allowing your dog to move around in circles will prevent your dog from feeling cramped or closed off like she or he was packed into a suitcase. The dual opposing doors on the dog crate will enable your dog to conveniently enter the crate kennel from either side, eliminating the need to load it in the vehicle facing in a specific direction. This is especially advantageous if you have a large breed dog & can’t carry it inside the kennel out to the car, SUV or minivan, like people with small breed dogs can. Perhaps your dog will be riding shotgun the whole trip to help you navigate, but you will still need to bring the crate along for the dog to stay in while you’re sleeping in a hotel that has kenneling policies, or while you’re visiting your Great Aunt & she doesn’t want the dog roaming her house & terrorizing her numerous cats. The OxGord crate your best choice to bring along on that trip. The crate is designed to be unfolded & setup with no tools needed. It can be taken down just as easily & collapses into a single unit that is only a few inches wide, has an easy to grip handle for carrying.
  • Best kennel option to use for crate training your dog. Bec the OxGord dog crate provides such a safe, cozy place for your dog to reside for short duration during the day, or to sleep in at night, these kennels are ideal to use to crate train your dogs by following proper ASPCA recommended methods. The crate limits your canine’s movements around your home so you can use crate training to housebreak your new Shih Tzu, Poodle, Spaniel or Hound puppy. Using an OxGord crate you identify when your hairy housemate needs to eliminate and control where it eliminates. For instance, if your little Yorkie has been sleeping in its crate all night, or a few hours during the day while you’re at work or running errands, it’s a no-brainer that he or she is going to need to go to the little doggy’s room and relieve itself. Since the Yorkie is going to eliminate as soon as you release it from the crate you can immediate take it outside to do its thing. By using the crate you’ve prevented your dog from making a mess inside your house and you’re training it to only do its business outdoors. Mix that with a little positive reinforce in the form of a dog treat and you’ll have a very content, and a very hygienic pet. Along with pet potty training, you can also use this crate for obedience training. All dogs must be trained to prevent and deter any destructive or unwanted behaviors, so use the crating method to teach your dog to refrain from destroying your stuff or disrupting your home. This is done by confining your pet to the crate while you are unable to observe and react to your dog’s behavior. This will ensure that your Terrier isn’t terrorizing visitors every time the doorbell rings, or your Doberman isn’t digging into your carpet, or your Chow Chow isn’t chewing on the legs of your furniture. Also, if you’re adding a new addition to your pet household then this crate works excellent to protect each dog when introducing the new Collie to your current Corgi.


Jen says:

It was easy to assemble This kennel was fabulously packaged. It is so much larger than my other kennel and is made just as well as the name brand ones that I’ve purchased in the past. I did not see a “Handle” on the top of it, but it doesn’t need one. 

Gregory says:

Perfect for my Husky!! This crate is PERFECT for big dogs. I have been looking for a really large crate to use for my Husky when I am not home. She is a well known escape artist and no matter how hard we try, she always finds a way to get out of our gate. She is mostly an indoor dog, but tends to completely destroy my house when I am not home. After consulting with a dog trainer, I was told to get a crate for her and start crate training her. I am SO happy that I did. She really feels comfortable and safe in this…

Amber says:

It is very sturdy and works great for my Siberian Husky It is very sturdy and works great for my Siberian Husky. The divider is pretty worthless but I did not need to use it.

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